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Re: Welcome! Introduce Yourself!

Post by Agamemnon » 05 Dec 2018, 19:19

pepe_andre wrote:
05 Dec 2018, 17:53
I'm Pepe and I live in Germany. I play tabletop RPGs for about 12 years now. In the last 2 or 3 years my active participation could have been better, though. I mostly just read rules now. I am a big fan of the Cthulhu RPG and consider modern day drama and action my focus in RPGs (anything that happened in the last 200 years and everything that is to come). Since english isn't my native language it can happen that my grammar or orthography isn't perfect. I am happy about corrections, though. When I am not studying, working or with my girlfriend and dog I like to design setting for possible games that I will never play.
I am excited for you!
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Re: Welcome! Introduce Yourself!

Post by thorgarth » 08 Dec 2018, 18:53

I just realized I've never introduced myself here to the Forum community, for which I personally abase myself. 😈

Being 42 years old, I was introduced to the Wonderfull world of roleplay circa1989, with the "Red Box". Already being a fan of fantasy literature, I was hooked from the start, and the passion grew exponentially over the years since.

An avid reader AND collectors of RPG´s, I rapidly started expanding my horizons beyond D&D (and AD&D), reading and playing as many systems as I could (granted, the pendor, and by a huge margin, on the reading and not so much as I liked on the playing), both the mainstream and niche/cult games in English, but all sorts of systems in French, Spanish and Portuguese (and even trying to translate from other languages games that somehow appealed to me based on reviews). Sadly I speak as much German as I understand the complex mathematical equations needed to produce the thrust necessary to attain escape velocity.

From RPG´s my interest also branched into miniature war-games, especially WWII, but not confined to that era.

The last RPG´s I played would be, in no special order:

- Kult, which I have "an ongoing" (Grossly exaggerated since we only play once a year at special occasions, but hey, who's counting) campaign I Game Master;
- Call of C (we shall not say its name, but you know to whom I'm referring);
- Rolemaster;
- Eclipse Phase (small scenario);
- Runequest: Roleplaying in Gloranth, introductory adventure to test this new iteration of the rules;
- Metal, Magic & Lore, small ongoing campaign.

The fact is that for the last 3 years or so another hobby kept me away from the RPG tables many, many times indeed, but then its the next best thing to actually be able to live through a dungeon crawling adventure, and that is caving exploration. To boldly go where no one has gone before (boldly in some cases, courageous, but no less shaken, in others, when dealing with huge pits - Yes I'm a tad afraid of heights, :D , but managed to abseil the last 260´pit without breaking a sweat. I must recognize, though, that I feel much more comfortable exploring tight passages, in some cases VERY tight).

Hoping to try out soon S&S. Hell, I even commissioned a long, sleek, dagger (should be delivered next week) I envisioned for a Scoundrel (and a Bastard) character, which I dubbed "Venom" (the dagger, not the scoundrel).
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