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Re: The Storm - OOC

Post by taelor » 24 Jul 2018, 03:51

Sorry I've been incomunicado for the past few weeks. I've had a pretty hectic schedule with attending a family reunion, as well as several other family functions. Anyway, here's my character build.
Name: Aleksy
Concept: Quick-Witted Hunter Trying to Survive in a Country at War
Description: A pale man with dark hair and a penetrating gaze
Age: 26

Attributes T4:
Agility 4, Brawn 4, Cunning 4, Perception 6, Will 4.
Grit 4, Keen 5, Reflex 4, Speed 4.

Skills T4:
Stealth 8, Survival (Woodlands) 7, Navigation (Land) 7, Negotiation 5, Horsemanship 4, Command 4, Medicine 3, Education 2, Lore (Polish Culture) 2.

Proficiencies T3:
Bow 7, Sword 7.

Traits T2:
1d Cool Head, 1dBG Roaming the Woods, 1d Reputation “Best Tracker in King’s Army”

Social Class T2:
Low Freeman (Cashed Out) 15 Coin

Hunter’s Bow (3p Short/Long, 2h, Ambush d6, Draw 1, Foot, Silent) r3
Hanger (1c/0p, Short) r2
Common Clothing r2
Traveller’s Supplies r3
Short Gambeson r2
Mail Coif r2

“A storm is upon us, I will do what I must to survive”
“My companions could find their way out of dense patch of shrubbery; I will guide them back safely”
I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
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Re: The Storm - OOC

Post by Korbel » 10 Dec 2018, 07:15

We will use those optional target modifiers (AC1 for thighs, shins and arms).

We will also use "brawn control" in Grapple. +2CP for the stronger character.
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