Rolling for Skill Advancement

Talk about any rules that don't directly fall under personal combat
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Re: Rolling for Skill Advancement

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Which is perfectly okay hector ;) As I said, not every game needs to be about those people. It's just that they are not too far fetched in other systems.

I forgot Einstein ;) He graduated as teacher of Mathematics and Physics at age twenty and published most of his famous works at age twenty-six!
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Re: Rolling for Skill Advancement

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The entry requirements to be a Brotherhood leader is 2 skills over 110. Companies, Colleges, Gangs and Regiments are given as examples of Brotherhoods and I would expect to find multiples in a large city. This seems like a level of skill much more common than "best in the world".

I looked again through my copy of Runequest 6 and I couldn't actually find anywhere with guidelines on what each skill level mean within the book so I don't know what your basing your estimations on. I guess we just interpret the book differently then.
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Re: Rolling for Skill Advancement

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So then "one of the best in the world" should be around 120? That would mean starting characters should be able to have at least 80 to 90 in a skill if they specialise, since that'll be the professional level I guess? I think the main point is that characters in their early 20s should be able to have a highish skill level in a skill if they specialise in that specific skill. This would represent above average, but not truly exceptional people.
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