On Skills, Attributes, and their intersection with SAs.

Talk about any rules that don't directly fall under personal combat
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Re: On Skills, Attributes, and their intersection with SAs.

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Any news on this subject?
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Re: On Skills, Attributes, and their intersection with SAs.

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This is just my two cents, I think that reworking the system is a terrible idea. Like, genuinely awful. The game works, and if you try to rework rules so something would happen exactly as it would in real-life you will end up bogging down the game and turning it into a perpetual beta test like SoS.

As EienBein said, one of the core principles of the game is simplicity, and the way they currently do their jobs is simple and intuitive. Even more so, I feel that they accurately reflect the literary styles that you guys cite as major influences. You're not creating a 100% accurate medieval life sim like SoS, where every single action that you can possibly do has a massively complicated ruling that is contradicted multiple places in the book. Nor are you creating Blade of the Iron Throne, where rules are straight up absent because it doesn't fit with the themes of Howardian S&S.

You need to keep sight of your objective, which is releasing this game and getting people playing it. Even if the system is broken, look at 3.5/pathfinder. Both of those games are simultaneously disgustingly broken and incredibly popular. Your game is not that broken, trust me.
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