Korbel creates a game, too

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Re: Korbel creates a game, too

Post by Korbel » 07 Dec 2018, 08:07

We start on Monday, if there's anyone else interested!
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Re: Korbel creates a game, too

Post by taelor » 10 Dec 2018, 00:10

Name: Aleksy
Age: 25, Gender: M.
Occupation: Scout. Class: Low Freeman
Concept: Sharp-Eyed Hunter Trying to Survive in a World at War
Description: A pale man with dark hair and a penetrating gaze

Drives: "A storm is upon us, I will do what I must to survive." “My companions couldn't find their way out of dense patch of shrubbery; I will guide them back safely from out mission."

Priorities: Class T2, Attributes T4, Skills T4, Proficiencies T3, Traits T2.

Attributes: Agility 4, Brawn 4, Cunning 5, Perception 6, Will 4. Grit 4, Keen 5, Reflex 4, Speed 4.

Assets: 1. Coin: 1.

Skill: Education 2, Horsemanship 4, Network 3, Negotiation 5, Stealth 8, Lore (Polish Backcountry) 2, Survival (Woodlands) 7, Navigation (Land) 7, Warfare 4.

Proficiencies: Crossbow 7, Brawling 7.

Traits: 1D BG “Roaming The Woods”, 1D Rep “Expert Tracker”, 1D Char “Cool-headed”, 0D Char “Pragmatic”.

Possessions: Common Clothing (2 rp) , Survival Tools (3 rp), Munitions Plate Open Helm (3 rp), Gambeson (2 rp), Leather Gloves (1 rp), Hunting Crossbow (3rp), Rondel Dagger (2rp), Quiver of Bolts (1rp).

Armor Penalty: .25
Crown: 4MR
Neck to Thigh: 2
Face, Hands: 0

Crossbow: 3p, Short/Med, 0 RLD, Goat’s Foot
Rondel: -2c, Close, 1h, Maile Piercing
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