The Storm: Part 3

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The Storm: Part 3

Post by Korbel » 18 Jul 2018, 06:21

The war broke out in August 1409, after decades of tensions, intrigue, treason, outright wars between the Order and Lithuanians, uprisings and unexpected alliances - a whole story in itself. Finally, the Lithuania was baptized by Poles, so the Order was denied their excuse for raiding those lands. Now, the Knights had to face the Polish - Lithuanian Union and it quickly turned into a war.

The Order took initiative and with swift attacks have conquered the Dobrzyn land. The polish counterattack brought limited succes. Meanwhile, the Order had to deal with a massive uprising in Lithuania. Soon, the truce was called and both sides started to prepare for the battles to come. Recruiting mercenaries, gathering supplies and making political maneuvers to gain additional allies.

The Union leaders have devised a bold plan. Just as the truce was over, in July 1410, the Polish Kingdom gathered its armies and in a precisely planned maneuver crossed the river Vistula on pontoon bridge near the city Czerwinsk, where they joined Lithuanian forces and set off to strike a blow at the very heart of the Order - Marienburg (Malbork) Castle. Next week, they entered enemy territory. The Grand Master of the Order, Ulrich von Jungingen, knew that Malbork is not fully prepared to withstand and wanted to save his land from pillaging, so he decided to meet the enemy in the field. First, he took a defensive position at the small castle Kauernick, protected by the river, in hope of stopping the Union advance.

Not really aware of the fact, the Union forces were heading this way. The army sent their scouting parties ahead. One of those teams, a dozen in number, was on a routine patrol, where they expected no enemy presence. At least, that's what the command told them - because soon they were ambushed by armed Teutonic forces and - heavily outnumbered - had to run for their lives, galloping wildly through the forest. But the Knights had faster horses and only three men managed to evade the pursuers. Deep into the enemy territory, far away from their main forces, they stop to assess the situation and let their exhausted horses rest just a little...
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